El Dorado

Big Adventures Start Here

From the region where the legend of El Dorado took place comes this coffee to boost the beginning of a big adventure. The legend drove the attention of Spanish and German conquerors who endeavoured in a 1000 miles quest in the XVI century for the search of the indigenous Holy Grail .

This coffee is grown in the mountains of Cundimarca and Boyaca in the centre of Colombia. This high altitude coffee inherited the spirit of the mystical "Muisca" indigenous tribe who inspired the legend of El Dorado, "the Golden King”, and lived there before Columbus arrived to America. It also brings the character of the adventurous men who embarked in the quest of finding this treasure.

Let the spirit of El Dorado enter your soul with the first sip of coffee and inspire you for a great day.

from 300 to 4500 M.A.S.L.
from 0°C to 24°C

Luz Elena Rojas

Her farm is located in Anolaima, Cundinamarca 75 kms west of Bogota (coordinates 4º50'1" N 74º29'58" W). It has 7.4 acres and 6000 coffee trees. She inherited it from her parents.

She produces this delicate organic coffee, washed processed, with 16 hours fermentation and sun dried. She also farms worms for composting.

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