The Coffee for the trouble makers

This coffee gives you the energy to fight for your dreams, work hard and change things. It also invites you to carry on with your projects and change the world, like the Colombians who dreamed with their independence from the Spanish Crown in the late years of the XVIII century.

From the North East of Colombia comes this coffee, in particular from the provinces of Santander and Norte de Santander. Both are located on the East of the Andes Chain Mountains that later crosses the border and ends in Venezuela.

This coffee is inspired in the Colombian history and the culture of the people living in these provinces.

In this region of Colombia started one of the movements in favor of our Independence in 1781 named “los comuneros”. The people that live there are famous for their strong character, tenacity, and their entrepreneurial skills.

from 100 to 4000 M.A.S.L.
from 8°C to 24°C

Don Gabriel

Don Gabriel is the coffee farmer that brings you this Specialty Coffee. His farm “Sumerin” is located in Ocaña / Norte de Santander (coordinates 08°13′51″N 73°23′22″W), 605 kms North East of Bogota. It is from the variety Castillo and it is grown at 1650 mamsl. This coffee is hand picked, washed processed with a 14 hour fermentation and dried with the sunlight. Don Gabriel has attended training in Human Rights and Environmentally Friendly practices to be sure his coffee farm is sustainable. He was very happy to know his coffee would be known in Hong Kong and his work would be appreciated in this amazing and vibrant city.

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