The Force

Feel like the Force of Nature

The coffee that brings you all the power of life, the strength and endurance of water and the gifts of nature.

This coffee is grown in the mountains where Mother Nature blesses Colombia with the source of the most important rivers of the country that provide 70% of the freshwater. The location is the South-West of Colombia, in particular from the provinces of Huila and Tolima. Both are located in the Valley of Magdalena River that crosses the Country and ends in the Caribbean Sea. Huila and Tolima rank as the first and third largest producers of coffee in Colombia. They also have some of the tallest peaks of the Country like “Nevado del Huila” and “Nevado del Tolima”.

from 800 to 5365 M.A.S.L.
from -3°C to 40°C

Don Albeiro

His farm “El Mirador” is located in Bruselas (Brussels) / Huila, 500 kms South West of Bogota (coordinates 01°40′53″N 76°04′25″W). He grows his coffee trees in 3.6 acres from the variety Caturra at 1600 mamsl. The coffee is hand picked (of course!!!), washed process with a 24 hour fermentation and dried with the sunlight. Don Albeiro has already exported his coffee in the past but this is the first time that it comes to Asia. He is happy to know his work is changing your life!!! As you can see in the picture, he is a football fun, a Real Madrid supporter.

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