Forbidden Bean tasted our coffee editions and is very fond of them

Coffee expert Vanessa Lee reviewed our Coffees "The Force" and "El Dorado" and gave very nice remarks

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Summer is coming, time for Cold Brew

As a Coffee Lover during the hot weather I am looking for a refreshing way of making a great and delicious cup of coffee. For this time of the year I recommend the Cold Brew. Here you can find an easy recipe for brewing it.

The way you grind your coffee matters

In this post we discuss the main results of four different degrees of grinding on a cup of coffee made using Aeropress

Brewing Aeropress Like a Champion

Learn the secrets for brewing your coffee with an Aeropress like a Champion and surprise your friends!!!

Forbidden Bean Reviewed our Independencia Coffee

The coffee blog Forbidden Bean tried out coffee for "the trouble makers" and also shared our story with its readers

To bean or not to bean,
that is the question

Have you ever wondered why the best coffee comes in whole beans and not ground? Moreover why do coffee lovers spend so much money (80 USD or even more) buying a coffee grinder?

What is Specialty Coffee

Are you ready for the next level? This is the kind of questions you may be asking yourself if the post's headline caught your eye. Specialty coffee is an interesting and very complex topic, however the idea of this blog is to keep it simple.

What does Excelso Coffee mean?

I saw these bags of Colombian Excelso Coffee and wonder about how many people know what this stands for?

Arabica vs Robusta

Many people who are coffee lovers have noticed when buying their coffee that sometimes the bags are labeled as "100% Arabica" and sometimes there is no label at all.

Coffee certifications and high quality coffee

Coffee consumption trends are changing very fast. Coffee lovers are becoming more demanding about the quality of the coffee they drink and at the same time social awareness about our environment, human & labor rights, and good trade practices is on the rise. In such a context coffee certifications have boomed.

Jessica from Hong Kong asks Mario

This is the first video we got from a reader asking us questions about coffee. Jessica from Hong Kong tells us her favourite coffee is Sumatra from Indonesia and she wants to know what is arabica coffee?

Lydia from Hong Kong asks about brewing methods

Our reader community keeps growing. Today in ask Mario & Angela is Lydia from Hong Kong who wants to know more about coffee brewing methods

Chris asks us about what is coffee cupping?

Chris, from the United States, is a wine lover who also enjoys coffee. He is a fan of It is Colombian and contacted us wondereing if there is a way for “tasting coffee”.

Hello Coffee Lovers

So what's up? Or shall I say cups up? This blog is for coffee lovers. We want to share with you our coffee experience and hear about yours. Coffee is our passion and also it has been for centuries a social activity, a ritual for sharing, lifting us up, an expression, and a space to create.

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