Arabica vs Robusta

Many people who are coffee lovers have noticed when buying their coffee that sometimes the bags are labeled as "100% Arabica" and sometimes there is no label at all.

To understand this issue it is important to notice first that Arabica and Robusta are two different species of coffee. Brazil is the largest producer of Arabica whereas Vietnam is the is largest producer of Robusta (see Coffee production statistics).

Concerning the taste, Arabica coffee combines sweet, floral and acidity flavors whereas Robusta has earthy flavors like cereals (penauts) and low acidity. Robusta has a higher dose of cafeine and it is grown at a lower altitude. It is also more resistant to pests.

These are the main differences among both varieties. In others posts we will discuss about the differences in processing coffee that are the main factors that contribute to create a delicious and delicate cup of coffee.

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