Brewing Aeropress Like a Champion

This post if for all the coffee geeks who want to learn the ultimate secrets for brewing their coffee in an Aeropress and do it like a Champion.

First let's go to the basics and what do you need

  1. An extraordinary coffee of course. If you are brewing a bad coffee you can't expect miracles. However be cautious, if you are using a Specialty Coffee but don't brew it right the result will also be disappointing

  2. My advice is to use 8 grams of coffee for 100 mls of water, that is more or less on table spoon for a "small" cup of coffee!

  3. Heat the water (filtered if possible) up to 84ºC

  4. Put the ground coffee in the Aeropress (inverted) and pour the water. Stirr it smoothly for the first 10 to 15 seconds.

  5. Prepare the filter with a few drops of hot water. Pour the rest of the water and close the Aeropress

  6. The total brewing time is 2 minutes including the sterring time on step 4

  7. Press it gently and smoothly on a resistant glass container

  8. Enjoy it and share with your friends!

On a new post I will discuss the different results you get depending on how coarse or fine you ground the coffee

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