Lydia from Hong Kong asks about brewing methods

Our reader community keeps growing. Today in ask Mario & Angela is Lydia from Hong Kong who wants to know more about coffee brewing methods.

Well Lydia this is a great question. First of all brewing coffee is the final step that would allow you to enjoy the most of your coffee. Depending on the brewing method you choose you will enhance particular characteristics of the coffee you are about to drink, like the flavor, acidity or body. This is particularly important if you are enjoying a specialty coffee.

In my opinion, coffee brewing methods can be grouped in 3 categories:

  • Press. With this methods you use your hands to press down and filter your coffee. The most popular are the Aeropress and the French press.

  • Gravity. With this method you pour the water on your coffee and with the help of a paper filter you let gravity do the work to extract the coffee. The most popular are the Chemex and Drippers like the V60 and the Bee House.

  • Steam. This is the one for geeks like me!!! With this method the machine has three parts. In the bottom you pour the water, in the middle is the coffee which lies on a filter. On the top is a recepient where you will get your coffee. After turning on the fire the water boils until the steam preasure is enough to go up through the filter and touches the ground coffee. The steam with the coffee particles keeps going up to the top where it condenses and you get your coffee. Like Pitbul and Marc Anthony sing, let in rain over me!!!. The most popular are the Bialetti machines and the siphon.

My favorites are the press methods. I like to taste the acidity in my coffee which is enhanced with these methods. It also allows you to control the time for coffee extraction since it is you deciding when to press. What I love about the steam methods is that they remind me of my physics classes in high school and my first science fair project about James Watt’s steam machine that powered the industrial revolution. I also find very convenient using any of these coffee brewing methods since you get your coffee ready in just a few minutes and don’t mess a lot your kitchen.

Thanks a lot for your question Lydia. This is a very exciting topic. I promise to post more details about each method later. Also thank you very much for your nice comments.

Cups up and keep drinking coffee!!!

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