Summer is coming, time for Cold Brew

One of the things I like the most about Hong Kong is the weather, in particular when it becomes really hot. As someone whose hometown is chilly and rainy I found hot weather fantastic since I feel the people are more active, full of energy and willing to enjoy the ocean. However there is the price to pay of 100% humidity, which some people find annoying and uncomfortable. No surprise it feels in a way like Games of Thrones when people say, “summer is coming!”

As a Coffee Lover during the hot weather I am looking for a refreshing way of making a great and delicious cup of coffee. For this time of the year I recommend the Cold Brew. Here you can find an easy recipe for brewing it.

Use 8 grams of coffee per 100 ml of water. This is what we call the 8% ratio.
Grind your coffee coarse-medium.
Use room temperature water.
Use a jar with a cap.
Put the ground coffee in the jar and add the room temperature water. For instance for 1 litre use 80 grams of coffee. Close the jar and leave it in the fridge for 24 hours. Take a paper filter, filter the coffee into a flask or bottle and keep it cold.
Enjoy it. Take it to your classroom or office. Surprise your colleagues with this sophisticated drink with extraordinary aroma, sweet taste and long lasting aftertaste.

Now it is important to understand what a Cold Brew Coffee is and what is not.

It is:
• A way to extract coffee for a long period of time, around 24 hours
• A refreshing and delicious drink when using the right coffee
• A great way to start your day on your way to work
• The prolonged extraction time allows you to enjoy a very smooth and sweet drink, enhancing the aroma of the coffee

It is not:
• A cup of hot coffee served with ice
• A cup of hot coffee that you forgot to drink when it was hot
• A cold bitter drink

So enjoy your cold brew, dare to do it yourself and share your experience with us posting your pictures on Instagram with the hashtag #itiscolombian #coldbrew or follow us on Facebook

We recommend Independencia Coffee for making an incredible Cold Brew.

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