To bean or not to bean,
that is the question

Have you ever wondered why the best coffee comes in whole beans and not ground? Moreover why do coffee lovers spend so much money (80 USD or even more) buying a coffee grinder?

Well the fact is that the whole bean is like a natural package that preserves your coffee once the bag is opened, and by this I mean the aroma and flavor lasts longer. Once you opened the bag, O2 / oxygen gets in touch with your coffee and starts the oxidation process, this means in English, your coffee is no longer fresh hence you won’t be able to enjoy all its attributes. When the coffee is inside the unopened bag, a one-way valve protects it from oxygen in the air. After opening the bag, the whole bean limits, for a while, the exposure of your coffee to the air. This also explains why it is more popular to buy small bags (maybe 8 oz) instead of bigger ones unless you are able to drink all the coffee within 10 or 12 days.

Finally after you’ve opened the bag, in order to preserve the coffee, keep it within a closed container in order isolate it as much as you can from air. If you have a grinder, only ground the amount of coffee you are going to drink (I find 8 grams per 100 milliliters the perfect proportion). Last but not least if you don’t have a grinder, my advice is still to buy the whole bean and ask the store staff to grind it. Buy even smaller quantities, maybe just 4 oz and store it the best you can.

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