What does Excelso Coffee mean?

Yesterday I went to the Juan Valdez store at JW Marriot in Bogota to meet a friend. While I was queuing I saw these bags of Colombian Excelso Coffee and wonder about how many people know what this stands for?

In order to uncover the myth first I would say this is a quality standar that must be met in order to export coffee meeting the standard "Cafe de Colombia". The standard considers the coffee beans size and the amount of defects each bag can have. The defects are related to the appearance, smell and taste of the beans.

Whenever you find a bag of coffee with this stamp it means it meets the profile of Colombian coffee (arabica, mild, washed). It is important to note it doesn't mean you are trying a Specialty Coffee from Colombia.

Have you tried Huila Supremo from Colombia? In a later post I will discuss about this standard.

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