The way you grind your coffee matters

This post is the second part of Brewing Aeropress like a Champion

Here we are going to discuss the results that four different degrees of grinding have on the cup of coffee when brewed using the Aeropress
From top left to right: Finest- Medium Fine
From bottom left to right: Medium Coarse- Coarsest

We are following the same recipe for making a hot coffee using an Aeropress as decribed in the previous posts (8% magic ratio and 2 minutes brewing). I will focus my analisys on three main topics:

  1. The coffee extraction

From top left to right: Finest- Medium Fine
From bottom left to right: Medium Coarse- Coarsest

The first effect you will find is on the residual, the used coffee that stays in the filter and the aeropress. For the finest grind you will see all the coffee was extracted and what is left looks like chocolate. On the other extreme is the coarsest where it is clear not all the coffee used was extracted

  1. The cup of coffee

From top left to right: Finest- Medium Fine
From bottom left to right: Medium Coarse- Coarsest

The color of the cup of coffee is a consequence of the extraction process. It is not surprising the darkest color is for the finest grind where are the lighest color is for the coarsest grind. In the pictures you can clearly see how important the extraction process is and how much coffee is going to the cup by only adjusting the degree of grinding.

  1. The taste

Finally we reach the most important, the summary, the ultimate goal of brewing coffee and it is the taste of the cup of coffee we just made. These are my notes in detail

A. Finest grind

  • Sweet like chocolate but it doesn't stay in your mouth
  • Light acidity
  • Strong aftertaste with some bitterness. Sign of coffee over-extraction
  • Bold body
  • Not pleasant

B. Medium-Fine grind:

  • Sweet like honey
  • Pleasant bright acidity. It emerges after 2 minutes
  • Medium body
  • Lingering aftertaste

C. Medium-Coarse grind

  • Bright acidity hits you first
  • Light flavor
  • Light body
  • Sweet aftertaste

D. Coarsest grind

  • Barely can taste it. It is obvious the coffee was under extracted
  • Very light body, feels like drinking water
  • No aftertaste

My favorite is B followed by C. I don't consider neither A or D an acceptable brewing for the quality of the coffee we have used.

In summary this post shows you the effect of adjusting the grinding when brewing your coffee, in this particular case using an Aeropress. As stated on the previous post, the quality of the coffee is a key part of the result. However it is in your hands to fine-tune how fine or coarse is the coffee in order to reach your desired perfect cup of coffee. This is a self-discovery process since no one else knows your taste better than yourself.

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In a new post I will explore the consequences of changing the extraction time using the Aeropress.

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