Our Story

Mario, a Colombian guy who lived in Hong Kong, once loved the mainstream watered down milky coffee. Upon returning to his country, a colleague invites him to a coffee shop inside a bookstore where he tries, for the first time, a Specialty Coffee from Planadas Tolima. With just the first sip, his life is never the same. He realizes that this is his first taste of real coffee.

One day after work he meets with his colleague, Angela, to catch up. They order two cups of coffee and she says it is the first time she is going to have a Specialty Coffee. Once she senses the aroma, the memory when she was a kid came to her, the smell of her dad’s freshly brewed coffee that woke her up every morning to get ready and go to school. Since that day, both started sharing their passion for the bean and the dream to share these experiences with the rest of the world.

Both started It Is Colombian Trading Company Limited with the purpose to promote Colombian coffee farmers, helping them change your life, and make their mark in the world by showcasing their incredible products.

Why are we in the Specialty Coffee Industry?

We want to let the Colombian coffee farmers, the artists behind each perfect cup, touch and transform your life. Through our coffee premium subscription service, you will immerse yourself in a new story, a new flavor, a new aroma with a different coffee delivered to your doorstep every time. Join us in this mystical adventure. Bring our coffee into your home, office and community, and share one of Colombia’s treasures with your friends and loved ones.

How do we do it?

Each bag contains unique and precious coffee beans that have been produced with pride and love. The highest quality of beans are picked only when they are ripe, usually 32 weeks after the coffee flowers blossom, the first step to a mind-blowing cup. The coffee beans are then carefully processed to enhance their aroma and flavor. Finally, roasting masters put their hearts and minds into making your cup of coffee a work of art.

What is our business?

It is Colombian brings you very rare and exclusive Specialty Coffees, a totally new experience. Our hand-crafted coffee is grown, processed and roasted solely in Colombia, the largest producer of hand-picked arabica coffee beans in the world. One sip, and you won’t go back to what you used to drink. It’s a life-changer!

With every sip, a Colombian coffee
farmer brings drops of joy into your life

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